Privacy Policy

The address registration portal is committed to the protection of the privacy of data entered by its customers and users. This privacy policy is applied to all pages of the portal. The portal uses the collected customer and user data in order to describe how to use the portal on the internet and meet customer requests. The privacy agreement includes the following:

Data Collected for User Identification

Data size and quality received and stored by the website depends on how the website is being used on the internet. Users may access most of the web pages without the need to declare their identity or reveal any personal information. Users are not required to provide any personal information on the portal, such as name, address, phone number or email address (unless they submit it voluntarily). A user’s personal information could be required in some cases for the purpose of providing certain services or for correspondence. No other party shall have access to such information, unless to provide services required by users.

How Collected Data is Used

The portal does not disclose, sell or lease personal data related to the users of the portal to any third party. The portal uses collected data to improve its presentation and absorption by users online, in addition to sending data required by some users. In special cases, some of the user data is sent to other parties for technical or administrative processing only. However, such parties are not allowed to disclose, sell or lease any personal data of users.

How Personal Data of Users and Visitors is Processed by Saudi Post Portal

The Saudi Post portal ensures as much as possible the security of the data provided by its users within its operation systems. The website shall not be responsible for the confidentiality of data provided or displayed online, which therefore includes the security and confidentiality of registered personal data. Users shall be responsible for the risks entailed in sending data over the internet. All information or materials sent by users to the website via email or otherwise are treated as confidential data and not personal.